Adu Flowers only uses the most delicate, freshest florals in our designs. We strive to create breathtaking arrangements that look beautiful and last longer. Our flowers capture the pure essence of life’s precious moments and milestones; A customized Beauty.

We understand that relationships and occasions are unique. Therefore, each of our creations are as unique as the person or the occasion they are being designed for. Whether a photograph or message, you will get nothing short of special.

Memories are often like wildflowers. Full of emotion, color and life. No two are exactly alike. Here at Adu Flowers we create to honor the uniqueness of the individual and occasion, as well the memory that will accompany it.

A lifelong resident of New York, Owner Eric Adu learned to appreciate the beauty found outside the generic at a very young age. Never a fan of coloring inside the lines, he sought out a way to create beauty without labeling it with a one size fits all mentality…that although everyone share common milestones and holidays, no two people look upon them with the same set of eyes. Adu Flowers’ clients receive much more than just a simple flower bouquet. Beautifully located on the delicate petals of the classic rose, our clients discover a personal message or photograph customized just for them. They aren’t only the inspiration for the design, they become part of the creation. Unlike other flower deliveries, our sentimental designs will never be forgotten and thought of often. No matter the occasion or the client, we combine art and emotion to create something as unique as the loved one you are honoring. A moment created just for them. Located in New York, Adu Flowers is delighted to offer our one of kind creations both locally and nationally.