Imagine the doorbell rings. Your loved one opens the door to find a breathtaking arrangement of roses just for them. Their heart is filled with warmth and gratitude and for that moment in time, they feel incredibly special. As if that moment was created just for them.  Why not extend that moment? That feeling? Taking the Floral World in New York by storm, Adu Flowers’ clients receive much more than just a simple flower bouquet. Beautifully located on the delicate petals of the classic rose, our clients discover a personal message or picture customized just for them. They aren’t only the inspiration for the design, they become part of the creation. Have a special event coming up? Our Pretty Petals Collection is just the colorful touch to leave that special someone speechless; Shower them with petals of adornment. Maybe you need a creation that will capture a moment rendering it timeless. Our Adu Flowers Memory Collection will do just that. A time-stamped keepsake. Unlike other flower deliveries, our sentimental designs will never be forgotten and thought of often. No matter the occasion or the client, we combine art and emotion to create something as unique as the loved one you are honoring. A one of a kind creation for a one of a kind moment.